How To Find A Good Sourcing Agent

Brand New MD – Mission: Provide our clients with exceptional service, competitive pricing, high-quality products on time.

What distinguishes Brand New MD as a sourcing specialist? We’ve spent more than four decades cultivating deep professional relationships with world-class suppliers who deliver on their promises. Over a billion dollars worth of finished goods and parts have been successfully procured and supplied for a wide variety of industries, including health and wellness, footwear, storage, stationery, leisure, toys, sporting goods, garden, tools, consumer electronics, BBQ, pet just to name a few.

For anyone, especially those without experience, sourcing finished items, parts, and components for commercial, industrial, and consumer goods can be a difficult undertaking. Many people who do their own sourcing believe that it can appear simple at first by simply going to websites like Alibaba. Seems easy right? In a single word, WRONG! Many of the so-called factories that advertise on sites like Alibaba are not always what they seem to be. Keep an eye out for an upcoming blog post about what you should know about sourcing on platforms like Alibaba, which we’ll be posting next month.

If you can imagine it, we can make it happen. Let us know what kind of product you’re looking for, and we’ll go out of our way to find it. All we need are the specifications, as well as the quantity, time, and deadline. If you need help with specs our brilliant engineers and designers can help you create just about anything you would like.

Our sourcing staff will find exactly what you’re looking for. We can also provide samples so that you can make an informed selection. Inspection reports will be provided for your approval before delivery. We can also arrange all the logistics for your shipment if needed.

On the surface, finding the correct inventory for your website, brick-and-mortar shops or distributor appears to be the easiest part. Understand your product, locate a supplier, import, and sell it. However, in reality, the process is far more complicated. It takes time and effort to find high-quality products and reliable suppliers with competitive pricing with healthy profit margins.

Product sourcing is the process of locating high-quality products from trustworthy vendors at reasonable costs for resale. There are several parts to this procedure, including researching the chosen goods, determining the price and cost of the product, and then negotiating with suppliers to get the best offer. The ultimate goal of product sourcing is to find the best items from reputable suppliers at rates that allow for a significant profit margin.

Product sourcing may appear straightforward, but it may be a minefield filled with untrustworthy vendors, hidden charges, and occasionally misrepresented or low-quality goods. It’s critical to master successful product sourcing tactics if you want to stay ahead of your competitors.

A product sourcing agency, also known as a sourcing supplier, is someone who has worked in or alongside a sourcing or trading organization for numerous years. The majority of the time, product sourcing agents arrive with a contact book full of dependable suppliers with whom they have previously developed positive relationships.

Product sourcing agents act as your representative and can assist you in finding a reputable supplier, negotiating prices on your behalf, overseeing production processes, signing off on any required documentation, performing product quality control procedures, and, most importantly, ensuring that you receive your products on time.

While product sourcing agents are a useful tool to have on hand at all times,

Communication is important in any relationship, but it’s more important when obtaining products from other countries. Your agent should be available to answer questions at all times and keep you updated on the progress of their work. Miscommunication about the goods, shipment time, or pricing can easily escalate into a major issue, so if your agent is hesitant to answer or avoids some talks entirely, it’s better to steer clear. We believe that clear over-communication is of paramount importance.

Where Can I Find Product Sources?

Have a great idea but don’t know where to start looking for sources for the things you want to sell? It seemed like such a brilliant idea: you’d discovered the ideal niche market, filled with dozens of potential consumers and a plethora of profit opportunities. Perhaps you have captured lightning in a bottle with your new concept.

There’s only one issue. You don’t know where to start looking for all the things you’ll need to sell your accounts or stock your own stores.

Don’t be alarmed. This is a common occurrence among beginning entrepreneurs, and it’s understandable. Even if you have a wonderful idea for a product to sell, you still have to source the real product. “Where exactly can I find a supply of XYZ to sell-and receive it for a fair price?” you ponder as you desire to sell XYZ.

The good news is that getting what you need isn’t the difficult process that it’s made out to be, thanks to our experienced experts on our sourcing team who are highly educated with product sourcing’s ins and outs.

When you need to source contact Brand New MD of course.