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Brand New MD offers top-rated manufacturer sourcing services. While finding manufacturers and a factory for your products might be easy, finding one that you can trust and rely on is not always as simple. If you don’t know the market and don’t have the experience of sifting through it, it’s easy to get ripped off or choose one that isn’t truly suited to your needs.

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Brand New MD is here to help you source the manufacturers that can get your production line up and running in no time. Besides knowing how to navigate the market best, we act as your surrogates, ensuring that you get the deal you need with the results you deserve.

Why Work With Us?

As a learning toy, novelty, and consumer product manufacturer, Brand New MD understands manufacturing and has extensive relationships with factories across China, Taiwan, and Vietnam. We can make sure that you’re partnered with qualified factories with the kind of reputation that’s worth trusting.

As such, when you choose us as your partner in sourcing your manufacturers and factories, we make sure that you’re getting the factory with all of the facilities that you need. Aside from getting them at the right price for your budget, we make sure to choose honest partners about any markups and fees.

If you want to get the factories that meet your needs with fair pricing, and transparency in their operations, then having a third-party manufacturing sourcing agent on your side can help. We can offer you the extra veneer of professionalism to ensure that any potential partners take you seriously, giving you more leverage in your options.

What Do We Offer?

At Brand New MD, we understand manufacturing. As such, we make sure to take your needs into mind as we go through those that are most promising. We rank them by practical concerns such as their manufacturing capabilities, location, transportation infrastructure, and any international trade policies that we might have to consider.

Of course, regardless of how good they tick your boxes, your choice of manufacturers is going to come down to the quality of their work. We ensure that any manufacturers we recommend have a good track record, proven quality, safety, and reliability in meeting your demands, and proof that they comply with all applicable regulatory directives.

Thanks to the top-tier worldwide network of manufacturers that we have built already, none are as well-equipped to go out and find the manufacturing partners you need as Brand New MD. Whether you require a factory to deal with raw materials, components, or assembly, we are here to help you make it happen.

Get in touch with us today to speak to one of our manufacturing sourcing agents. We will gladly talk to you about your needs and start looking through our network and beyond to find the manufacturers that can help you get your production line up and running to your budget and timeframe.

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