Why Brand New MD?

We consistently strive to deliver cost effective and agile new solutions on the product development, sales, and marketing front, with a goal to increase our client’s growth & margin. For many early-stage companies and startups, BNMD serves as your expert  to drive performance, results, and profit.

Our Approach

A key to our success is we take a hands-on approach to managing a client’s business and delivering meaningful results with a focus on the following: 

  • We listen, evaluate, provide our recommendations, and point of view and then enact upon an agreed upon strategic plan, which highlights goals/objectives, priorities, timeline and budget. On the product development front, we believe beautiful, creative, and appealing products not only deliver an outstanding experience for consumers, but they also break through the cluttered, omnichannel marketplace.

  • Innovation starts with an excellent idea and is driven from the top.

  • We understand the consumer and what they need and want and every decision is based upon this insight and perspective. 

  • We test with end-users and continually improve product design and functionality based on reliable, consistent feedback with our target audience. 

  • With the product designed specifically for the end user we then partner with our clients on a retail placement/sales strategy, including how and where to sell, followed with a marketing plan to generate awareness, stimulate consumer interest to ensure a seamless and profitable sell through. 

Our impact is immediate and dramatic on delivers quantifiable results on several fronts, including customer satisfaction, revenue growth, cost to operate, and employee engagement. We clearly define the deliverable journey from beginning to end.



Michael Greenberg

Experienced multinational CEO / Entrepreneurial leader recognized for sales leadership, innovation, EBITDA growth, revenue acceleration, organizational skills, and delivering margin enhancement. Focus to achieve measurable profitability and success. Known for providing new ways to think about a company’s current and future outlook. Effective at implementing organizational change to achieve a company’s full potential.


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